Flowered Splendor




Remember the splendor of life's special moments.

Flowered Splendor is a line of affordable, ultra glamorous, hand-crafted silk and silk velvet floral pieces and arrangements that can make life's special moments last an eternity. Remember the splendor and passion of those moments every time you look at these unique pieces, hand crafted with care. Flowered Splendor brings you all the splendors and passions of life through the form of beautiful flowers and blooms, and it is here where you will find what you desire. Welcome!



Welcome to Flowered Splendor! My name is Tania and I am the designer behind this studio. I'm a desert girl living in the Emerald City, practicing architecture by day and creating silk blooms by night. With a Master of Architecture degree and an architectural career in K-12 school design, I have always been inspired by the influence and creativity of design and craft, and how people and items can bring these spaces to life. To me, architecture is much more than just a building, rather, it is a chance for me to make a difference and create a special place or moment in time with a built object, creating a connection to all of those who enjoy and use these spaces for generations to come. These notions of passion and craft are translated into every aspect of my life. My pieces are created with this same care and attention to detail, with the hopes that they too will create special moments to enjoy forever, just like the architecture I design.


Here in the Flowered Splendor studio, I use my love for craft and details to create quality pieces that can last a lifetime. Located in Seattle, Washington, there is inspiration everywhere. The mission of this studio is to create meaningful pieces that will last and bring joy to the life of the client everyday at an affordable price. Many luxurious items are exclusive, but the pieces at Flowered Splendor are designed and created to be inclusive, allowing everyone to have a small piece of luxury at their fingertips.  Unlike real flowers, these blooms won't fade away, thus preserving special memories for an eternity. Life’s special moments are so fleeting, so remember the splendor and passion of those moments every time you look at these unique pieces, hand crafted with care. These signature pieces will forever capture the beauty and passions of your wedding day…or any day!

petite peony silk bouquet

petite peony silk bouquet

antique millinery molds

antique millinery molds


Flowered Splendor is a line of hand-crafted floral pieces and arrangements that can make life’s special moments last an eternity. To create these couture arrangements, I source stunning hand-dyed silks and velvets, luxurious crystals and pearls, and glittering antique brooches from locations all around the globe. Using both antique and modern tools and techniques, I combine these materials into signature pieces and create those special moments of splendor in every bloom. Antique French millinery tools are brought back to life with heat, pressing each soft piece of silk or silk velvet, creating gorgeous detail on every leaf and petal. Swarovski crystals and real pearls are combined to create stunning clusters, adding sparkle to every inch of these couture arrangements. This antique technique is so special and creates pieces that are equally as unique for you, and even your future generations, to enjoy.